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REM is a family-owned business, We began selling RADFETs in 1975, trading as Radiation Experiments and Monitors, from a farmhouse in Oxfordshire. Think of it - farm-fresh silicon chips which detect radiation. Trading started not long after our publication of the concept of the RADFET. The new concept was the use of silicon dioxide film on silicon as a device for measuring total radiation dose(click on  "About RADFETs"). We called this concept Space-Charge Dosimetry but later adopted Bob Hughes' acronym, RADFET (click on  "Literature"). We became a limited company in 1997 and included the name of our home town in the title to make it clear that we were not the rock group of the same name and had nothing to do with Rapid Eye Movement. Trading has continued and is expanding (click on  "Purchase"). We sell RADFETs, offer radiation testing and consulting (click on  "About Consulting") and take mail orders for our "Handbook of Radiation Effects" (click on "Purchase"). We aim to be brokers for good radiation testing and to provide good interpretation of the results, specialising in the space environment (click on "Radiation Environments").  The RADFET market has developed so that radiotherapy is now the driver. Serving this market requires a system-oriented approach (click on "Literature") and REM is pursuing this with industrial partners.
This home page will highlight the most important features of both our business and our web site. We think of the home page as a kind of portal, telling customers how to purchase RADFETs, giving information about dosimetry products and radiation consulting. A specialty is the space environment. We will offer links to other collaborators of REM, to the scientific community and its literature on the subject of RADFET dosimetry and RADIATION EFFECTS.

We hope you'll find the information you need about the products and services we offer. You may be helped by a look at our book, second edition published in 2002, called "Radiation Effects Handbook". This has a massive bibliography on radiation dosimetry using semiconductor devices and is an engineer's guide to handling radiation effects problems (click on "Purchase").
The logo you see on the right is a play on the name we have given to our first venture into dosimetry systems, DOT 1. That system does "DOSIMETRY BY OXIDE TRAPPING". Hence the red dot. The probes are made of printed circuit board, hence the thin green stroke above.
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